What to choose between Stump grinding and stump removal?

Trees provide significant advantages to your yard and your home. They improve the beauty of your yard and can provide natural surroundings for birds, squirrels, and animals. There’s also the fact that they can give shade to your home. However, when a tree dies or suffers from disastrous injury and must be cut down, it can leave a stump in your yard. These stumps will even be dangerous in other ways. There are two common techniques to remove those stumps, one is stump grinding and another is stump removal. These techniques have very different approaches.

Stump Grinding vs Stump Removal

Stump Grinding: 

There are many reasons to remove tree stumps from your yard, such as to enhance the aesthetics of your garden or to prevent it from causing injury to any member of your family. The challenge is deciding how to remove it. The grinding process doesn’t require hard work, which means it can be done quickly. Stump grinding service should be executed carefully because it affects the health of other plants in your yard. These stumps are risky if there are children who like to run around in your yard. It is also possible to get hit with this stump in dark. Stumps attract pests like ants, beetles, and termites which can damage other plants in the garden. The untreated stump may also cause diseases or fungi which puts other plants at risk. While a tree improves the worth of your home, a stump creates the opposite effect. Overall, a stump ruins the beauty of your home.  

Stump Grinding Pros: 
  • The stump grinding process is relatively faster. 
  • It is not labor-intensive. 
  • It does not leave any gaping hole in the garden afterward. 
  • It is environmentally friendly. 
Stump Grinding Cons: 
  • There is a possibility of remaining roots eventually sprouting. 
  • It requires an investment. 
  • Roots decay 
  • It’s potentially harmful to children. 

Stump Removal: 

Stump removal is the most complete way of removing a stump from your lawn, as leaving roots in the ground can lead to new growths later. On the other hand, this process removes both stump and roots. So there is no chance of regrowth or sprout. This process requires heavy use of force and high power requirements for pulling roots from the ground. In essence, the process of stump grinding is using for many years. It is easier to execute and use efficient tools for grinding. Stump removal leaves the environment in a messy state. It also creates a large hole in the garden, which will have to be filled. The process of disposing of stumps and roots is more expensive. To soften the soil it uses chemicals with a high concentration of potassium nitrate. 

Stump Removal Pros: 
  • This process involves pulling the stump from the ground and it can be done in a day. 
  • The advantage of the stump removal process is that it completely removes the roots and stumps. 
  • No health hazards and no possibility of the roots growing back. 
  • Replanting is easy. 
Stump Removal Cons: 
  • This method is time-intensive. 
  • This requires high-power machines and can be costly. 
  • A more complicated process. 
  • A large hole is left, which needs to be filled. 
  • Not environmentally friendly. 

Now as we know the pros and cons of both stump grinding and stump removal techniques, we can conclude that stump grinding is the most effective method we can choose considering the factors like cost, time, and effort. You can find stump grinding services in Jacksonville by searching terms like Stump grinding Jacksonville Fl services and get your stump removed.