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Here are some of Rigzone’s top stories during the last week, just in case you missed them…

Pantheon Hits Multiple Oil Reservoirs at Second Alkaid Well

Pantheon Resources reached the target vertical depth at the Alkaid #2 pilot hole in the Alaska North Slope, hitting a total vertical depth of 8,584 feet, with a measured depth of 8,950 feet.

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Texas LNG Blast Starting to Eat into USA LNG Exports to Europe

An outage at Freeport LNG in Texas since a June 8 blast is starting to eat into U.S. LNG exports to Europe, a market note from energy and environmental geo-analytics company Kayrros stated.

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Power of the Gas Weapon Is Rapidly Declining

The key feature of Russia’s politicization of gas flows in recent months has been its lack of success, according to analysts at Standard Chartered.

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Schumer-Manchin Deal Makes Industry And Environmentalists Happy

Senator Joe Manchin gave his support to the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022, which will provide $369 billion in energy and climate investments.

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Transocean Contract Backlog Hits $7B+

Transocean recently revealed that the company’s contract backlog is valued at more than $7 billion.

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Exxon Second Quarter Earnings Now Stand As Company Record

ExxonMobil announced estimated second-quarter 2022 earnings of $17.9 billion – a record quarter for the company.

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