This summer camp is teaching girls how to be strong women


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Their motto is strong, smart, and bold. They teach girls a range of topics to help them become independent.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla — The kids are off to summer camp. Over at Girls Inc., they’re spending the days developing the next generation of strong women.

Girls can be whatever they want to be. That message is being taught at Girls Inc. summer camp.

“We just want to make sure that all of our girls from the young ones from the kindergarten to the high school have support,” said Juanita Forman-Lee, Director of Operations.

Over 6 weeks, girls learn about a range of topics. 

“We want to go from the emotional side to the educational side,” said Forman-Lee. “We also do STEM programming. We want them to be smart and to be independent and take care of themselves when they grow up.”

The girls start their day writing in their gratitude journals. 

“I’m grateful for God, my skin color and my family,” said Londyn Davis, 4th grader. 

Then life lessons begin in the form of fun. Their lesson today is on emotional intelligence. Kaiah Lamug explains

“(The facilitator) was talking to us about how we can use Band-Aids to not only cover up like if we scrape our knees or hands or if we get hurt, but we can also cover up scars we have on the inside,’ said Lamug. 

This is their mindset after one week… imagine after 6.

“In today’s world, girls can do a lot of things,” Lamug  said. “Looking back at history girls have achieved so much to be here today.”

“It’s pushing me to be myself and I know that I am safe and I can talk to other people than my family,” said Aurora Florida.

“I hope to learn how to keep others safe and sound and take care of other people,” said Za’cari Simmons.

Girls Inc. is a nonprofit and rely on donations and volunteers. They’ve had a few funding set backs this summer.

If you want to help keep their programs running, learn more here.

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