How To Speed Up Your MacBook


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how to speed up your mac book
how to speed up your mac book

Are you missing that joyful feeling of that brand new Mac in your hand? The one which didn’t cause frustration? Is your Mac taking a much longer time when rebooting? Whether it’s a bit old one or a brand-new one in your hand, a time comes when apps stop responding frequently, and start frustrating you. Well, not to worry, below we have some solutions to your problems. Have a look:- 

  • A basic tip to help you out will be turning off the pretty visual effects. Yes, we agree that does look pretty but is that okay if the Mac is working slow due to it? So, here is how you can prevent it. Firstly, click on the System preferences >Dock & Menu bar and you need to untick the following boxes Animate Opening Applications, automatically hide, and then show the dock. Now click on the minimize window using and change the Genie effect to Scale effect. It is as simple as that.
  • Sometimes, a weak bandwidth connection can also make you believe that your Mac is getting slow due to its which is not actually true. So, basically, if you are running out of ideas on how to make it work properly, it is not a bad suggestion to check your internet connection once. Pro TIP: – You must try removing any physical barriers between your Wi-Fi router and Mac and make sure the router is always visible from where you are working or sitting. 
  • Have you recently updated your Mac? If yes, then you must be noticing it gets slows whenever the spotlight is indexing. To solve this issue, you just need to re-index the spotlight by going to the System Preferences > Spotlight and then clicking on the Privacy tab. Now, you need to drag your hard drive from Finder into the privacy list, and once added, you can remove it by clicking the ‘- ‘sign. This process can take up to a few hours and once the indexing starts again, your OS will be running even smoothly. 
  • The least icons on the desktop, the smoother the Mac gets as the desktop icons take up the major part of RAM space. If you’re using the older Mac version or macOS High Sierra, then only deleting desktop items can work for the smooth functioning of your OS.
  • If you want to experience the best functioning of your Mac, then cleaning up the hard drive is the simplest and easiest way to speed up your device. Take a survey of your hard drive and wipe out everything that is slowing it down like the old files, useless hidden trash items or cache, etc. 
  • Uninstalling unused apps present in the background can also be a key to improving the functioning of the Mac. Only dragging them to the trash bin is not enough as it leaves a massive amount of junk behind them. It’s not just that easy to move any movie or document file or any movie to the trash bin.
  • Do you know, if you have enabled iCloud Syncing, it also causes your Mac to slow down and you can’t even notice it as it is happening in the background? You need to have a look at the checkbox displaying ‘Optimize Mac Storage’ as this setting directs the Mac to stop offloading the files to the cloud and drive contents locally on the drive. It is for freeing up the space but it also results in constant background sync and ensures a smooth running of the device. 
  • At times, your Mac can behave weirdly like unexpectedly shutting down or the battery not taking charge properly, and even if you try to restart your device, the issue remains unsolved. In these circumstances, you not only need to restart your device but also reset the Parameter RAM and SMC (System Management Controller). For resetting the SMC, you first need to know whether your battery is non-removable or not. If it is non-removable you need to shut down your device and press the Shift+ Ctrl+ option given on the keyboard and the power button at the same time. Now, hold the keys and power button for 10 seconds then release all the key buttons. Now you need to press the power button to turn on your Mac device. But if your device’s battery is removable, you need to shut down the device and remove the battery. Now, press the power button and hold it for at least 5 seconds and then press the power button again to turn on your Mac device. There you go!
  • If nothing of these steps helps, then there is no other option left to re-install your Mac to obtain its initial power. Now before starting the only last option left, do remember to backup your important data. Transferring all your important files and documents will ensure nothing gets missed out when your Mac OS is ready again to use with its initial powers.

Make sure to use these handy tricks to experience the best use of your Mac just like it never got old.

Whether you have an older MacBook Air or a new MacBook Pro, it will ultimately slow down. On the plus side, your device’s speed is not always governed by its age. It slows down for several causes, the majority of which are within your control. It’s not difficult to speed up your Mac again with a few clicks here and there. Your Mac can never be too fast, just as it can never be too shiny and slick. Make sure to clean your Mac on a regular basis with these helpful suggestions to get the best performance.   

If your Mac is slower than a Mac five times its age, you need to figure out what’s causing it to lag and fix it. The sheer quantity of cleaning jobs ahead of you, on the other hand, can be overwhelming. Delegate the task to MacKeeper if you don’t want to spend the entire evening attempting to speed up your Mac.

Using MacKeeper’s Memory Cleaner app is another option to speed up your Mac. This Mac performance enhancer can speed up your Mac by shutting down unnecessary background apps.

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