Spencer Pratt Says He Should Have Been Kim Kardashian


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“They copied everything Heidi and I did on The Hills.”

As the original villain of reality TV, Spencer Pratt knows a thing or two about having his life televised.

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So much so, that he actually believes that the Kardashian family copied everything he did in the early days of their career.

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“I’m supposed to be Kim Kardashian. Watch all the early episodes of Kardashians. They copied everything Heidi and I did on The Hills,” Spencer said in a recent interview with Esquire.

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Spencer has even previously cited one event in particular, where he says Kim was watching exactly how he was “interacting with the paparazzi” at a milkshake shop.

While the Kardashians skyrocketed to superstardom, Spencer’s reality TV career died down, which he attributes to one major difference between them.

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“The only difference between us and the Kardashians, I’ve learned, is you’re only as famous as the media conglomerate bankrolling you,” Spencer explained.

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At the time, Spencer says he didn’t understand “that once Viacom wasn’t in the Heidi and Spencer business, it was a wrap on the visions” he had for their success.

“Heidi and I, we were just always on our own. We had such a level of fame, I had never imagined needing to meet other people,” Spencer added.

From there on out, Spencer and Heidi took a step back from the spotlight, moving to Costa Rica to escape their tumultuous lives.

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And while they’ve since returned to LA and tried to reclaim their reality show peak on The Hills: New Beginnings, the recent cancellation of the spinoff doesn’t bode well for their reality TV success.

David Livingston / Getty Images

Spencer says he’s not giving up though and is pitching new projects — because he still wants that “hit show so fucking bad.”

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