21 Best News Moments Australian TV


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Can we put Sunrise’s “Reject The Recession” song on Spotify please?


When an unsuspecting reporter asked someone what they did on the long weekend and they replied: “punched some cones”.


When a newsreader got tooted by a car and she quickly responded with “thanks, fuckwit”.


When newsreaders Mike Amor and Rebecca Maddern called Novak Djokovic a “lying, sneaky asshole” off-air…but still on-mic.


This guy who was interviewed for the news and has the most infectious laugh ever.


This drunk guy on a scooter in Bali who said “I’m fucking blind” when asked if he was safe to drive.


When this newsreader absolutely OWNED her co-host who said: “I don’t understand how something so small can be so impressive.”


In 2008 when the recession hit, and Sunrise thought it’d be a good idea to just…reject it, with a song and dance.

Channel 7

PLEASE watch this video. I cannot believe it’s real. 


And that time someone found a wallet at the Melbourne Cup and used a live broadcast to try and find the owner.


When this guy was talking about the wild dogs in his neighbourhood and felt the need to REALLY explain what they’re like.

Nine Network

And his wife is just so chill about the whole thing. 


The “chk chk boom” girl’s re-enactment of a shooting in Kings Cross, complete with accents and sound effects.


That time Andrew Rochford accidentally called Kitty Flanagan “clitty” on The Project.


She did have the perfect response though. 


Oh, and let’s not forget Carrie Bickmore calling Qantas “cuntas”.


When Karl Stefanovic hosted Today the morning after The Logies…while still drunk.


When Grant Denyer flew in a stunt plane while reporting the weather and passed out for a good minute.


And the poor weatherman who got scared by the giant rooster at the Easter Show.


When the two most Aussie guys ever accidentally foiled a robbery and their recount of the whole story had Karl in stitches.

Nine Network

Honestly, do yourself a favour and watch the whole video. One highlight: “The only gym I do is Jim Beam”.


When Kristin Davis gave the most awkward interview on Sunrise, where she literally begged Kochie to not ask about Sex and the City.


She was in town to talk about her activist work, but Kochie interrupted her saying: “Yep, alright, get on to Sex and the City.” 

Then, they made her re-enact a scene from the show, even though she told them: “I don’t know that this is a great idea, frankly.”


When that newsreader went OFF on her co-host for wearing a white shirt.


When Lee Lin Chin got caught out thirsting over a hot journo.


And finally, when a giant seagull strutted behind one newsreader like it was nbd.

Nine Network

“I, for one, welcome our new bird overlords.”

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