Workers at these NE Florida Starbucks vote to unionize


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Two workers at a Starbucks in Mandarin hope their union leads to increased pay, better health benefits and an increased effort to recycle at their location.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Workers at two Jacksonville area Starbucks have voted to unionize. 

The Starbucks on 1980 San Marco Boulevard in San Marco and at 11441 San Jose Boulevard will both be unionized.

Mason Boykin, who works at the Mandarin location, burst into excitement inside his store when he found out the 10-7 vote passed in favor of a union. 

“You know we’ve been told for months now it’s not going to happen or from Starbucks, their insane union busting, it’s been really incredible and really harsh and to be able to come out on top of that and say regardless partners wanted this it just feels so great. It’s a huge bag of emotions,” Boykin said. 

The Starbucks unionization movement began last year in Buffalo and has trickled to several locations around the country. 

Starbucks has been opposed to unionization efforts. It was recently alleged to have violated labor laws at a location in New York.

In October, Starbucks announced a pay increase from $12/hour to $15/hour would be coming for baristas in the Summer of 2022. 

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But CEO Howard Schultz said those raises would only apply to non-unionized stores on the Quarter 2 Earnings Call last week.  

Starbucks Workers United, group that is spearheading union efforts at locations around the country, took that as a threat.  

Hannah Crabill and Boykin felt strongly about starting a union to fight for better pay, health benefits and an increased effort to protect the environment. 

“When you sign up for Starbucks benefits you have a window once a year, I would like to be able to get those benefits any time of the year,” Crabill said.

“As far as insurance goes I think the premiums are outrageous and expensive I think the base is $85 a month and baristas take home $300 or $400 so that’s already 1/3 or 1/4 of their paycheck gone so lower prices, if not free?” Boykin said. 

Boykin and Crabill say they have no timetable as to when negotiations with Starbucks will begin. For now, the union will vote on a bargaining committee in preparation for negotiations. 

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