Downton Abbey Cast In The First Episode Vs ‘A New Era’


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Thomas is probably one of the most changed characters over the course of Downton Abbey. Initially a villain, Thomas is shown to be a vulnerable soul when he falls for Jimmy Kent, a footman, in series three. Thomas’s sexuality is an open secret, and though no one seems to take issue with it, he is pitied for it and it’s presumed he will end up alone.

In the first Downton film, Thomas meets Richard Ellis, the King’s valet, who he develops feelings for. The pair have hella chemistry, but the romance is cut short in A New Era when Thomas receives word that Richard has married a woman. Assuming he will be alone forever, Thomas is delighted when he receives an offer from a renowned actor staying at Downton to be his butler/secret life partner. Thomas accepts the offer, and gives Lady Mary his resignation at the end of the movie.

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