16 Reasons Why I’m Obsessed With Tia Mowry, And Why You Should Be Too


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Tia always understands the assignment, okay!

All my ’90s babies will remember Tia Mowry as an award-winning child actor in the hit sitcom Sister, Sister. But today, she’d a powerhouse that continuously flourishes in anything she puts her heart and soul into.

So because, in my opinion, she doesn’t get enough praise, here are 16 reasons why you too, should be obsessed with this icon!


Tia’s character arc was relatable, and her determination was goals!

The WB

Now before you all jump to conclusions, I want to make it clear that I was nowhere near as smart as Tia. I was more like Tamera, you know the one that didn’t care to study much and just wanted to have fun? Yeah, that was me. But, the episode titled “Hair Today” made me realise how much I had in common with Tia. 

Even though she was content with her natural look after the makeover, she couldn’t help but feel like an outcast around the cool girls. So for me growing up as a teen that went to an all-girls school, let’s just say I could totally relate! 


Her Youtube channel, “Tia Mowry’s Quick Fix.” is SO wholesome!

View this video on YouTube

Tia Mowry’s Quick Fix / Via youtube.com

Listen, when I see the names Loretta Devine and Jackée Harry, you ain’t gotta tell me twice. Naturally, Tia always creates content that gets us all into our feelings. After all, who doesn’t want to see three strong Black women appreciate one another? It was EVERYTHING! Funny, engaging, educational, inspiring, and most of all, so full of love that it would make anyone want to watch it all over again.


And she’s very honest and transparent with her fans about her experiences in the acting industry.

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Tia Mowry’s Quick Fix

Whether it’s on her YouTube, Instagram, or TikTok, everyone knows that Tia is always going to keep it real with us. In this video, she spoke about stereotypes, representation, and unequal treatment. She exposed the truth about always having to “work harder than” and “be better than” her other white counterparts. And, of course, being underpaid! Regardless of this, she highlighted that her success is due to those hardships as she learned to be a go-getter and build a great work ethic.


Tia has spoken out on the trauma she suffered growing up as a young Black teen in the ’90s.

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Entertainment Tonight / Via youtube.com

Tia is one of the few celebrities that can get on camera and remind us that we’re all human, and this Unfiltered conversation with Entertainment Tonight proved this. At the height of Sister, Sister Tia opened up about a time when she and Tamera were denied a magazine cover because of the colour of their skin. She expressed that it was a moment she would “never forget” and that now as a mother, she instils messages of self-worth to her two children, Cree and Cairo. Now how can you not LOVE her?!


She always has something inspirational and encouraging to share with us.

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youtube.com / Via youtube.com

As a teen who watched numerous shows, I always looked at success and stardom as something that was easily accomplishable, but obviously, that’s completely untrue. As much as we hate to admit it, not everyone gets to live out their dreams or say they’ve “made it”, and even though Tia has become an established actor, she spoke about the numerous hurdles and ups and downs that came along the way. It was influential and motivating for me to hear how those humble beginnings led her to appreciate the life she’s created for herself so much more.


And her Instagram will certainly brighten up your day.


She’s an unproblematic queen.


Tia is one of the few that stays out of the mix, and I’ve never heard a bad word said about her, which speaks volumes about her character.


I mean, her laugh is contagious!

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Tia and Tamera share the same laugh, and once you hear it, it’s impossible not to crack a smile or laugh with them.


Her family are actual ~GOALS~, and I’m not just saying that.

tiamowry / Via Instagram

The Hardricts ooze strength and beauty, and to me, they’re one of the most influential celebrity Black families that are bound to leave their mark on the world. You already know that I love me some Tia and Cory, but as an avid follower, I feel like I’ve seen Cree grow before my eyes, and the addition of Cairo is even more adorable! Now and then, Tia captures the sentimental moments that we all treasure in our own families. When Cree got into his dream school, I was sobbing like I’ve never sobbed before!

Here’s that moment for you here:


Oh, and we can’t forget about her extended family.

tiamowry / Via Instagram

Tia’s made it known numerous times how much she loves spending time with her loved ones, and her Instagram is full of images of their sweet gatherings. This, of course, includes her twin sister Tamera, and the rest of her adorable family. 


Her love story is a real-life fairytale straight from the books!

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Tia Mowry’s Quick Fix

I’ve never really understood the whole “couple goals” thing, especially when it came to celebrities, but with Tia and Cory, I can’t help but think that they fit the term perfectly. I mean, just look at them! If you’re over love or don’t believe in it, this couple will make you think otherwise and even restore your faith in romance. They’ve been together for nine years, and their unique love has taught us a few things, such as how important an equal partnership is, and how powerful words can be when you speak things into existence through prayer.

Her TikToks will either sprinkle a little fashion sense into your wardrobe or give you the laugh you needed.

If you don’t follow Tia on TikTok, then you’re missing out! Funny videos like this one make my day, and don’t even get me started on her transitions. Sis has those down to a T! Also, her fashion sense is impeccable, and she definitely knows how to put a chic outfit together. So if you need any fashion 101, don’t say I didn’t help you.


She’s the epitome of ‘Black Don’t Crack’

tiamowry/ Via Instagram / ABC

Would you believe me if I told you Tia is 43 years old? She’s been killing it since the ’90s, so I think it’s only right to appreciate how good she looks. 

She has diversified her career, meaning she doesn’t JUST stay in one lane.

I can’t have been the only one that literally gagged when I found out Tia voiced Sasha from Bratz! After school I would come home everyday and watch the show, and I’m just now finding out she was our Bunny Boo that whole time? If my childhood wasn’t complete already, it sure is now. But aside from me fangirling, can we take a moment to appreciate the varied roles Tia has conquered as an actor. She’s played characters that are polar opposites to one another and has killed each role with ease.


She’s a multitalented actor, entrepreneur, executive producer, author, celebrity chef, and lifestyle guru.


Her approach to beauty is unapologetic as she wants to inspire Black women “to love the skin they’re in.”

tiamowry / Via Instagram

One of the reasons I was so drawn to Sister, Sister as a show was because both Tia and Tamera would wear their natural hair and flaunt it so proudly. But when they reached adulthood within the show there was a shift where we’ll see them with straight hair, and in an interview with Elle, Tia described it as “what was being pushed as “beautiful” in society at the time. 

Even so, she didn’t allow it to define her and instead started to see a beautiful movement of Black women embracing their natural beauty on social media which ignited the fire in Tia to do the big chop. She also embraced her glam grey hair on social media with the caption “This is Me. 42”, and I’m living for it!

In a final message, Tia would send out some heartwarming words to all the Black beauties saying, “If you’re the only Black girl in your class, don’t be ashamed of wearing your natural locks or your braids. This is something to celebrate. It’s history. It’s beautiful. If you are seeing us on Sister, Sister with curly hair, we hope you see you. We hope you feel empowered. We hope you go out and move mountains.”

What’s your fave Tia moment? Let us know in the comments below!

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