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And more! For NPH, “watching tortoise sex was a clear highlight. Given their rep for being slow creatures, I was surprised by just how quick the romantic encounter was. Changed my view of tortoises, and made me feel better about myself in only a matter of minutes.”

Why the Galápagos? “As a family, we wanted a truly unique, off-the-grid experience,” he said. “With all of my work commitments — do you think those weekly Wondercade emails write themselves? — and David’s, and the kids’ schoolwork, we’re all impossibly busy. Plus, the twins recently got cellphones, so they barely acknowledge us. I kid. Sort of. The Galápagos have been something David and I have talked about for a long time, and we felt the time was right… from the kids being old enough to appreciate the experience, to the itch for something epic after 2+ years of COVID. It was a bucket list adventure for all four of us.”

Better yet, the Hurtigruten cruise to the Galápagos is completely carbon neutral, so you won’t have to worry about doing harm to the beautiful locale you’ll be exploring.

As NPH told us: “It’s tremendously important. I have children, I’d like them to inherit a livable planet. Selfishly, I have a home about 5 miles from the ocean and I’d like them to inherit that, too…without having to don scuba gear to enjoy it. But seriously, one can’t go to the Galápagos and not be overwhelmed by the power, beauty, and fragility of nature. The islands are teeming with wildlife — it’s nature at its most untouched and unspoiled. As joyful as it was to stand only a few feet from iguanas, sea lions, those randy tortoises, and other animals, it was equally frightening to think about how vulnerable they are.”

Do we have your attention yet? Head over to the sweepstakes page to enter for your chance to follow in Darwin’s (and NPH’s) footsteps!

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