The 47 Best Mother-Son Movies To Watch On Mother’s Day


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We’ve got oodles of movies about mothers and daughters, fathers and daughters, and fathers and sons (the sports genre would be in crisis without them). But in honor of this Mother’s Day, I would like to celebrate a rarer and overlooked genre onscreen: mothers and sons. 

The mother-son bond is a sacred one and, I would argue, the most interesting of the parent-child combinations. After all, what even is a stereotypical mother-son activity? Cooking? Playing catch? Escaping an assassination attempt on the back of a sandworm? The dynamic of a son and his mom defies expectations, which is why its portrayals in film are so varied and complex. 

I’ve combed through the annals to find 47 onscreen duos from across genres, time periods, and family dynamics. We’ve got divorced moms, single moms, married moms, and a mom living with a cat possessed by the spirit of her dead husband. We’ve got loving sons, precocious sons, rebellious sons, and sons who happen to be the Antichrist. 

So after you’ve gone to brunch, opened gifts, and promised you’ll call each other more often, why not settle on the couch with one of these films? Happy Mother’s Day! 

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