First Coast Foodies: Don’t miss out on Dwight’s Bistro


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“Voilà!” said Dwight Delude, chef and owner of Dwight’s Bistro after rolling out some pasta. “There’s your fettuccini.”

JACKSONVILLE BEACH, Fla. — Hey Foodies! If homemade pasta is not on your list of things you have to eat this week, wait until you read and watch this because it’s about to be.

“Voilà!” said Dwight Delude, chef and owner of Dwight’s Bistro after rolling out some pasta. “There’s your fettuccini.”

Foodies, it’s time to remember just how good food can taste when Delude is behind the pasta machine at Dwight’s Bistro on Penman Road in Jacksonville Beach.

“That’s what we do here, that’s a little bit of food from France, from Spain, from Italy,” he said.

One thing you’re sure to learn from a visit is the difference between pasta and macaroni.

“Now this is true pasta,” Delude said. “Macaroni is extruded through a machine. This is rolled and stretched. That is pasta. Macaroni is extruded. You’ll never get it that delicate with a extrusion machine, which is actually macaroni, not pasta. Don’t be fooled! A lot of people, I don’t know if they don’t realize or they just take it lightly… I don’t take it that lightly here.”

You have to try the crab cakes when you’re there.

“We’re sort of world famous for our crab cakes,” Delude said. “We’re doing jumbo lump crab cakes. We cook them in olive oil.”

This isn’t even covering the meats that will melt in your mouth. They’re a little more upscale in price than what we usually do at First Coast Foodies, but if you can swing it, you will not be sorry.

“It’s almost like going to art class,” Delude said “Which was of course the only subject that I excelled in.”

Just like your family’s house, Delude will keep feeding you.

“Would you like an espresso?” he asked. “Here, we’ve got the espresso machine on. Might as well, huh?”

You’ve gotta check out Dwight’s Bistro on Penman Road! See the menu here.

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