Celebrities Who Shut Down Toxic Diet Culture


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During quarantine, Lena Dunham reflected on how diet culture had impacted her entire life and how it seemed to be making a resurgence as people spent more time at home. She explained that the numerous articles surfacing that encouraged people to lose weight while they didn’t have anything else to do was triggering for her — and probably was for a lot of other people too. 

“I’ve been thinking a lot about my pot belly in quarantine- especially as I notice an unusual amount of articles with titles like ‘how I lost the weight’ and ‘diet is everything.’ Are there more of them or do I just have more time to notice? …For most people pandemic life has not proven to be a break from the world or themselves… and the suggestion of a revamped clean eating plan in my newsfeed somehow feels like a personal assault,” Lena wrote on Instagram.

She added, “Growing up chubby, fat, thicc, whatever you wanna call it- I always felt my body was a sign that read ‘I’m lazy and I have done less.’ Like if I just found the will to invest 30% more I could be okay. Over the years, as my body guided me through my career and illness and disability, I started to appreciate what it was capable of.”

Instead of adding weight loss to a check list, Lena recommended readers do something more fulfilling like learning a language. 

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