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I’m going mad with all these Multiverse of Madness rumors and theories.

With Dr. Strange in the Multiverse of Madness so close to releasing, many theories and rumors floating on the internet have had MCU fans salivating. After seeing what happened in Sony’s Spiderman: No Way Home, there’s been speculation that the reveals in this Dr. Strange sequel will be even more surprising than that of Spideys. That’s saying something, considering that No Way Home was the first film to reveal the Multiverse after what we saw in the Loki series and showed, you could bring past iterations of characters that fans loved to service the story instead of just being a cheap cameo.

This Dr. Strange film seems to have the weight of the next phase on its shoulders, and I can only hope that they stick the landing in a way that has MCU fans walking out of the theater in even more shock and awe than No Way Home. Now, let’s dive right in to some of these theories and rumors. Potential *spoilers* ahead, so click out of this right now if you’d like to watch the film with no expectations!


Tom Cruise as Superior Iron Man

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After seeing the Ultron bots and a flying hero with a glowing aura around them, rumors were swirling that it was Tom Cruise playing a Superior Iron Man variant. People were quick to try and debunk the theory leading to a more reasonable explanation for that flying character, as a Captain Marvel variant, in the form of Maria Rambeau. Logically, it would make more sense for Maria to be another universe’s version of the superheroine, though it is fun to imagine Tom Cruise getting to play a part he was considered for all those years back. Either way, it’ll be interesting to see how they fare against Wanda, who seems to be blocking an attack from them in the trailer.


Mutants are finally here

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With confirmation that Patrick Stewart is returning as Professor X, it’s no surprise people were wondering if this would mean that mutants will finally be, not only mentioned, but introduced in the Dr. Strange sequel. It seems that Professor X will be one of the Illuminati members there to judge Dr. Strange on his multiverse mishaps and, as he says in the trailer, also willing to reveal some “truth” to Strange, which many are speculating will be the reveal that Wanda is the true villain of the movie and possibly the reason there are no mutants in Professor X’s universe. We will dive a little deeper into that later, but the fact that Professor X is in this film confirms that mutants have somewhat arrived in the MCU, though to what degree, we will find out soon enough.


Deadpool post-credit scene

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Another rumor floating around is that Ryan Reynolds will appear in Multiverse of Madness. However, Mr. Reynolds vehemently denied it to Variety when asked directly about his potential cameo and debut in the MCU. We have seen actors lie straight through their teeth to avoid any spoilers for fans (I’m looking at you, Andrew Garfield), though it wouldn’t be a complete lie if Deadpool wasn’t in the movie itself but made the post-credits scene. Rumor has it that after the chaos that’s supposed to happen at the Illuminati headquarters, Deadpool and his crew will be entering and commenting on all the havoc and wreckage left behind. Though many fans were split from excited to upset to have the walking tumor be introduced in this fashion, I personally, would be over the moon to see the Canadian hero finally make his entrance.


Reed Richards will be in the Illuminati

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I feel the John Krasinski Reed Richards ties have been rumored for years now, though it picked up even more steam with the introduction of the Illuminati in the Multiverse of Madness trailer. More than ever, people have been zooming in closely on the trailer to see if there’s a glimpse of Mr. Fantastic in one of the many seats in front of Strange after he’s presented to the council. With Fantastic Four slated to eventually come out, it’s not a stretch to introduce a beloved family member now as a tease of what’s to come. If the rumors are true that the Illuminati will get wrecked by Wanda, it will be kind of funny to introduce this long-awaited character only to kill him off.


House of M


Ever since Wanda made her debut in Avengers: Age of Ultron, Elizabeth Olsen had always been asked what comic book storyline she would like to see come to fruition, to which she had always mentioned “House of M.” This is understandable as it’s one of Marvels’ greatest stories, and similar to “Civil War,” had an immense impact on the Marvel Universe. If you’re not familiar, “House of M” was famous for Wanda erasing the majority of mutant existence after creating a reality where mutants were the thriving majority while humans were the minority. The famous line, “No more mutants” is one that most comic book readers remember as the aftermath of this story changed the universe for quite some time. 


Considering there are no mutants in the MCU, we could see Professor X claiming that Wanda in his universe made mutants almost extinct, which could be why he wants to eliminate her from doing more harm to other universes. It seems there might be a Wanda variant that is on the warpath to find her twins, which would explain a lot of what we see in the trailer. This theory by far has me the most excited, as it seems most likely pieces of “House of M” will be used for Wanda, which could make her the villain for this film and future films. After all, she is a nexus being, and if she can warp reality, however she sees fit in the MCU, that could spell disaster for our heroes.   

What do you think of these theories? Which of these will we actually see when Dr. Strange in the Multiverse of Madness comes out? Let us know in the comments below!

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