The 17 Best Dr. Evil Moments


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These moments are worth one million dollars.

Though he isn’t the hero, Dr. Evil is arguably the star of the Austin Powers trilogy.

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His bizarre mannerisms, hilarious one-liners, and naughty antics make him one of the most beloved characters in all of comedy. To celebrate Austin Powers’s 25th anniversary, we’re going to take a look at the 17 best Dr. Evil moments of all time.


Threatening the U.N.

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After Dr. Evil steals a nuclear warhead, he contacts the U.N. Secret Meeting Room (because apparently, it’s that easy) and demands the world leaders give him $100 billion. He also insists that he be called “doctor” since he spent all that time in evil medical school to earn that title. In the end, he celebrates his supposed victory with his underlings by having him join in his now-iconic laugh.


Chair Troubles

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The only thing worse than Dr. Evil is a chair possessed by Satan.


Show Me the Money, Mr. President!

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After Dr. Evil travels back to the ’60s, he once again threatens to destroy the world with a giant “laser.” He has trouble intimidating the American President at first, and he makes a fool of himself by making references that the world hasn’t heard of yet. This scene shows that no matter what era he’s in, Dr. Evil isn’t with it.


Scotty’s On Fire!

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After spending two films ripping on his son, Dr. Evil finally has a loving moment with Scott when he gives him what he always wanted, sharks with laser beams attached to their heads. Though this drives a wedge between Dr. Evil and Mini-Me, you just gotta love seeing Scott bond with his father.


Crashing SNL

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This one came completely out of nowhere. During an SNL sketch about Sam Smith’s Christmas special, the show gets interrupted by Dr. Evil, who wants to talk about North Korea hacking Sony Pictures because they filmed The Interview. The villain doesn’t hold back with either party, making fun of both North Korea for trying to kill the movie and Sony for making the film in the first place. Mike Myers even managed to make fun of The Love Guru, showing that no one is spared from Dr. Evil’s wrath.


Dr. Evil Gets Fired

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During an episode of The Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon talks with Dr. Evil, who, unsurprisingly, was fired from Donald Trump’s cabinet. Hearing about his time at the White House, he makes fun of Trump’s associates and reveals that he came up with the idea for the border wall, except it was supposed to be a moat filled with spiky blowfish. He also announces the release of his own book and that he’s running for President with Mark Zuckerberg as his VP. Spread the word, Make America Evil Again!


You Gonna Cry?!

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When Dr. Evil gets angry at Number 2 during a demonstration of his sinister plan, he takes his globe and starts bouncing it like a basketball and throwing it in his subordinate’s face. This hilarious gag was actually an idea from Rob Lowe, who said in his autobiography that he was inspired by Robert Duvall in The Great Santini. Once again, Number 2 makes Dr. Evil better.


Dr. Evil Runs For Congress

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Seeing how hip evil has become, Dr. Evil announces his run for Congress on another appearance on The Tonight Show. He shares 5-Point Evil Plan with the audience, which involves limiting Pringles to one flavor, putting Don Jr. in his cabinet, and making the wait to skip YouTube ads longer. But I think we can all agree that making “Baby Shark” the national anthem would’ve been the worst thing Dr. Evil has ever done.


Scotty Don’t!

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In another one of his arguments with Scott, Dr. Evil mocks his son by repeating this silly phrase and uttering complete nonsense. It’s a ridiculous moment that shows how Dr. Evil has evolved from an awkward villain to a full-on goofball, and his one-liners have only gotten more lethal with time.


Jerry Springer Show

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After a crushing defeat at the hands of Austin Powers, Dr. Evil returns in the sequel in the funniest way possible. When Scott appears on the Jerry Springer Show to talk about his father, Jerry surprises him by bringing out Dr. Evil. Naturally, the show gets out of hand when Jerry’s guests get angry at each other and start throwing punches and obscenities.


Lower the Globe!

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In a spectacularly terrible presentation, Dr. Evil tries to demonstrate his evil plan to flood the planet with some visual aids. However, the laughs quickly ensue when Dr. Evil gets a globe dropped on his head and a meteor thrown into his Mini-Mes (and apparently, he has three of them).


Throw Me A Bone Here!

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During a meeting with his evil associates, Dr. Evil shares his ideas for some dastardly schemes. They include making it look like Prince Charles had an affair and causing global warming, but the doctor is enraged to hear these things already happened. With no new ideas, he decides to steal some nuclear weapons and hold the world for ransom. Simple enough.


No Sharks

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Dr. Evil is a man of simple tastes. After Dr. Evil captures Austin and Vanessa, he puts them in a room with what he thinks are sharks with laser beams attached to their heads. But the doctor is upset to learn that he couldn’t get the sharks and had to settle with mutant sea bass instead. You have to cut corners sometimes.


Life Story

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When Dr. Evil and Scott go to group therapy, the former shares his life story, which is so bizarre and disturbing that it’s no wonder he became who he is. This monologue raises so many questions. Why did his family make meat helmets? Why did he have his junk shaved? And is that therapist Carrie Fisher?


One Million Dollars

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When Dr. Evil suggests he hold the world ransom for one million dollars, he is surprised to hear that isn’t exactly considered a lot of money in the future. This line has become a recurring gag for his character, either asking for a ransom that’s either too high, too low, or not even a number. All in all, this man’s grasp on American currency is priceless.

Do you agree with this list? Were there any Dr. Evil moments that I missed? Please let me know in the comments section below.

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