Who Is Moon Knight? I Did The Research So You Don’t Have To


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Unlike heroes such as Bruce Banner, who turned into the superpowered Hulk due to exposure to gamma radiation, or Spider-Man, whose powers come from a bite from a radioactive spider, Moon Knight has no true superpowers.

That said, you wouldn’t want to get on his bad side — thanks to Marc’s past as a mercenary and boxer, he is:

– An expert in hand-to-hand combat and various martial arts, including boxing, judo, krav maga, silat, dambe, savate, escrima, karate, muay Thai, and kung fu. He’s beaten the Punisher in a fight before.

– An Olympic-level athlete and skilled acrobat and gymnast

– An excellent combat strategist

– An expert pilot

– An interrogation expert

– A master marksman

– A weapons master

Plus, he’s multilingual, has a super-high pain threshold, and is a seasoned detective through his alter ego Jake Lockley’s underground sleuthing in disguise as a cab driver. He also seems to have a resistance to telepathic attacks due to Khonshu’s presence, and he’s immortal. On top of this, it’s not uncommon in the comics for Khonshu to suddenly imbue him with abilities, from necromancy to moon material manipulation, visions of the future, and more.

Another thing to note is that in the comics, he has taken control of Thor’s Mjolnir, the Iron Fist mantle, Doctor Strange’s magic, Ghost Rider’s Spirit of Vengeance, and even the Phoenix Force most commonly associated with Jean Grey.

So he doesn’t have powers in his own right, but he’s certainly not your average Joe and definitely has a layer of supernatural enhancement to power him up. (Source: Marvel Fandom)

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