JEA bills in Jacksonville expected to increase in December

Jay Stowe of JEA estimates customers will see their monthly bills go up by an average of $6.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Power bills in Jacksonville will likely increase as JEA begins implementing a new policy regarding customers’ fuel charges.

Each year, JEA customers pay an annual fuel charge. However, in October, JEA’s Board of Directors voted 5 to 0 to increase fuel rates to keep up with the rising cost of fuel. They also changed the fuel charge to a monthly fee instead of annually. 

The fuel charge increase and monthly fee begins in December.

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The monthly fuel charge fee will fluctuate based on the market price of fuel at the time of the bill. In an e-mail sent to customers Monday morning, JEA CEO Jay Stowe says the average customer will see a $6 increase in their bill.

Because the fuel charge is fluctuating, this charge may decrease.  

You can read the full e-mail from Stowe reminding customers about the policy change below:

Dear Valued JEA Customer,

When I joined JEA one year ago, I promised to strengthen our commitment to Northeast Florida and to you. Our new leadership team and our 2,000-person workforce is working hard to provide you with reliable electricity and water service at the lowest possible cost. As challenges arise, it is our responsibility to be open and transparent about potential impacts on you.

Like many other businesses, for the past several months, JEA has experienced sharp rises in fuel costs due to global supply chain constraints and fuel shortages. While our diverse energy mix helps us offer you electricity at the lowest price possible, it is costing us a great deal more this year to purchase many of the fuels that are needed to run the power plants that serve you.

As part of your monthly electric bill, you pay a fuel charge. Beginning in December, this charge will fluctuate each month to reflect JEA’s real-time fuel costs. As a result, we anticipate that the average household bill will go up about $6. It’s important to keep in mind that the fuel charge may decrease in the future, as market conditions affecting global fuel prices change.

Our promise is to keep a close watch on fuel prices and do everything we can to save money when we buy fuel, as well as offer you programs, services and tips to help you save. In addition, when JEA’s cost of fuel goes down, we will reduce the monthly fuel charge and pass those savings along to you.

Thank you for giving us the privilege to serve you and your family. And, as always, be safe.

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