Meet the Team Monday: Men’s Basketball – Jarius Hicklen

What’s your name, position and year?
Jarius Hicklen, combo guard, sophomore graduate transfer

What’s your major?

Master’s degree in Management

What’s your dream career?

Professional basketball player

In 10 years, where do you want to be?

Playing in the NBA

Why do you play basketball?

My love for the game

Who is your favorite athlete? — whether in basketball or not

Kobe Bryant

Who/what inspires you?

My family, mainly my parents. They inspire me to get up every morning and work extremely hard towards the goals I want

What is something about you that people wouldn’t expect?

How smart I am

What’s your proudest achievement?

Graduating with my bachelor’s degree in two years

What’s the most valuable piece of advice you have received?

Always be yourself

Pre-game meal?

No particular pregame meal established for this season yet

Pre-game hype song?

“Up the Side” – The Voice of the Heroes

Favorite hobby?

Basketball/Video Games

What does it mean to be a student-athlete?

To first be a student because without passing there is no playing! Then to focus on the sport that you love! Education is very important because the ball stops bouncing one day

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