8th Annual Birdies-N-Buckets with Osprey Basketball and Golf Held Friday

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — The North Florida men’s basketball and golf teams continued their yearly tradition, after missing last season due to COVID-19 protocols, participating in the 8th Annual John Hayt Birdies-N-Buckets Shootout with competition at both the UNF Hayt Golf Learning Center and UNF Arena.

The fun event provides the two successful teams the opportunity to test their hand in each other’s sports while also demonstrating skills in their particular sport. Teams consisted of one basketball player and one golfer paired together for an 18-hole skills challenge competition. Par for the competition is 54 (18 – par 3 holes)

The “Front 9” was contested at the Hayt Golf Center team practice area featuring a variety of short game and putting challenges. The two-player teams alternated shots over nine challenges with the goal of finishing in the fewest shots possible.

This year’s “Back 9” consisted of making three shots from nine different spots on the basketball court using alternating shooters. The “hole” score reflects the total number of shots it took to complete the drill at each spot.

Osprey hooper Jacob Crews paired with Kaitlyn Schroeder, daughter of men’s golf coach Scott Schroeder and successful amateur golfer, and women’s basketball assistant coach Kayla Oxenrider to earn the title with a final score of 58, two shots better than the runner-up pairing of Max Hrdlicka (MBB) and Grant Sutliff (MGolf).

2021 Birdies-N-Buckets Results
1. Jacob Crews | Kaitlyn Schroeder/Kayla Oxenrider — 58 (27-31)
2. Max Hrdlicka | Grant Sutliff — 60 (25-35)
3. Dorian James | Nick Gabrelcik — 62 (26-36)
4. Chaz Lanier | Jason Duff — 64 (27-37)
5. Jonathan Aybar | Nick Infanti — 67 (27-40)
6. Carter Hendricksen | John Hayt/David Aucremann — 68 (29-39)
7. Josh Berenbaum | Scott Schroeder — 71 (30-41)
8. Jose Placer | Cody Carroll — 72 (27-45)
9. Brandon Rasmussen | Brandon Mancheno — 75 (28-47)
10. Emmanuel Adedoyin | Robbie Higgins — 77 (29-48)
11. Jarius Hicklen | Davis Lee — 79 (27-52)
12. Jordan Preaster | Lance Yates — 82 (31-51)
13. Jadyn Parker | Cooper Smith — 85 (27-58)

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